The video discusses an intervallic method of developing an improvisational structure, form, and harmony entirely from the intervallic content of melodic material by means of inversion, retrograde, fragmentation and combination of these under certain transpositions.

Solo piano recording from the session that took place on 10.10.19 at Fred Fox School of Music Recording Studio at the University of Arizona.

The set features a series of "blank slate" improvisations.

mixed and mastered by Wiley Ross art design by Leah Netsky released February 27, 2020

© JakubRojek 2020. All Rights Reserved

This two-part suite was composed during the first phase of the pandemic in the Spring of 2020. It aims to capture musically a feeling of total disruption to what is considered normal. With its dark and pervasive sounds of the middle part, it is a reminder that anything and everything can happen all of a sudden; just like the ubiquitous spread of the pandemic and Covid-19. It is in a way a musical allegory of an ultimate doomsday.

released July 7, 2020 composed, mixed, and mastered by Jakub Rojek

© Jakub Rojek 2020. all rights reserved

The University of Arizona, Fred Fox School of Music presents Guest Artist Recital – Self-imposed Exile’s “A Musical Time Capsule”

Members of Self-imposed Exile are multi-reedman Aaron J. Kruziki, pianist/composer Jakub Rojek, and composer/electroacoustic artist Harry Ward.